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The Twelve Apostles

On Victoria’s southern coast, giant limestone stacks have been sculptured by waves. Nobody knows for how long they will survive.


On 15 January 1990, a young couple strolled onto a famous rock formation on the Australian coast along the Great Ocean Road. The formation was named ‘London Bridge’ because of its two natural arches that branched out from the mainland. Suddenly the inner arch crashed into the sea. The couple were trapped on an islet. They had to be rescued by a helicopter.

The episode was typical of the coastline stretch known as Port Campbell, situated some 230 kilometres (140 miles) south-west of Melbourne. For thousands of years, powerful waves have pounded against the coastline and gradually torn away the rock. Spectacular sculptures have been left behind...

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Rulers of old

In a large shallow embayment on the Australian west coast lies one of the oldest life forms on Earth.


They look unspectacular, but these stone-like objects hold information that reveals how life evolved billions of years ago. The organisms, located in Shark Bay, a vast marine area on the Australian west coast, are colonies of algae that have formed hard, dome-shaped deposits. For three-quarters of the entire history of life, they dominated the Earth’s ecosystem. Quite simply, they ruled the world. Those left today are living samples of how Earth once was.

The Shark Bay area, listed by UNESCO in 1991, is famous for other things than its ‘living fossils’...

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Green city guide: Sydney


It is easy to love Sydney. Like a pick ‘n’ mix sweet bag, the multicultural Australian capital contains the best bits of the classic tourism cities; its corporate city skyline supplemented with beautiful harbours, green natural parks, kilometres of beaches and a vibrant cultural scene. The most iconic works are the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a certain opera house.

What about its green prospects? City of Sydney Council aims to provide low-impact energy and water via green networks and infrastructure hubs as part of a scheme dubbed ‘Sustainable Sydney 2030’. There’s also a strong emphasis on business with the introduction of a voluntary ‘carbon offset’ scheme, green conference centres and energy-efficient offices...

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