Sleeping with the fishes

Dreaming of spending a night underwater? For a hefty price, the Poseidon Undersea Resort could make that wish come true.


Submerged sleep has mainly been a fantasy reserved for cartoons and comic books. But the prospect could in fact enter reality. Outside of a private island in Fiji, located inside a lagoon, the so-called Poseidon Underwater Resort facility is at some point supposed to be lowered into the water. It will primarily be a series of cells capable of resisting water pressure, and in which guests can sleep. They will be 70 per cent transparent, enabling visitors to observe life underseas.

The creators of the project claim it will be a ‘seven star’ facility, but although the notion of luxury is clearly high on the agenda, it is hardly the chief selling point. What is more interesting is: how do you run a hotel underwater? As it appears, the structure will primarily be a long slim tube, with sleeping cells sticking out along the sides. There will be 25 suites – 24 of them at 51 square metres, and one so-called ‘Nautilus Suite’ at 102 square metres. And the depth? 12 metres.


On each side of the tube, there will be additional facilities. There will be a 100-seater restaurant, a bar, a library lounge, and a spa. There will also be a conference room, a theatre area and even a wedding chapel (yes, you could now get married underseas). One pier will be attached to each end of the tube, connecting the resort to land. Guests will be hoisted up and down in elevators.

The composition of the suites is interesting. The Poseidon resort is the brainchild of L. Bruce Jones, who is also the co-founder of U.S. Submarines Inc., a manufacturer of submarines. (The project’s interior is designed by Karine Rousseau.) As such, the resort says the suites are created with the same techniques as modern pressure vessels. Apparently, the cells are made of a type of glass material used in aquariums for the past 20 years. They are also protected by a steel structure.


There are land-based facilities to supplement the underwater resort. On the private island, there will be 52 more suites, with 25 beachside bungalows. There will be restaurants, bars, tennis courts, a fitness centre, and even a nine-hole golf course. Additionally, guests will have the option of manoeuvring one of four three-passenger submarines around in the lagoon.

In terms of sustainability, Poseidon claims to be an eco resort, and appears to support conservation projects on the surrounding biodiversity – especially with regard to reefs. It says a specific program has been designed to prevent negative impact on the environment; a plan rooted in the design and prospective operation of the resort. That said, so far there appears to be little information on the technicalities of how the resort will manage to limit waste and pollution underseas.

If you do decide to take the trip, a week’s stay will reportedly guarantee you flights, a submarine expedition, four nights in a beach suite, and two nights in an underwater suite. The price? A reported $30,000 (£20,000).

Photos: U.S. Submarines Inc, Karine Rousseau Design Studio.